Practice Courtesy Towards Others
Show examples of Courtesy to your family and others.
1.        If your vehicle is taller than the one parked behind you, ask them if you are obstructing their vision.
2.        Share your Windex or paper towels with your neighbors, if they don't have their own. They'd probably do it for you!
3.        When driving in the lot during the movie, dim your lights.
4.        We realize that not all of the modern cars are Drive-In friendly with their automatic headlights. If you have one of these types of vehicles, please try to arrive before the movie starts so as not to disrupt the movie for others.
5.        Run your radio at a reasonable volume level. Not everyone wants to go deaf listening to your 100 watt sub-woofer.
6.        Don't talk loud or be running around during the movie.
 7.     Above all must have fun.
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